Cole to Represent LifeBrand as Brand Ambassador, Helping Others Harness the Power of Social Media to Positively Impact Their Own Personal Brand

WEST CHESTER, Pa. (January 13, 2021) ProVantage Solutions facilitates LifeBrand’s First Major Endorsement with NFL All Pro and former Philadelphia Eagle and Indianapolis Colt turned TV host, Trent Cole.  

As current events continue to demonstrate the power and vast influence of social media on our culture, LifeBrand and Cole have aligned to help people take control and accountability of their own social media platforms, ensuring that their personal and professional brands are protected and strengthened as opposed to being exposed for being potentially harmful or threatening.

LifeBrand was founded on the belief that social media can and should be used for good, and that individuals and businesses alike have an opportunity to utilize social media to strengthen their brand and positive influence. Cole has used his own social media channels to build a positive brand and has seen how LifeBrand can help others ensure they are on the right path.

 LifeBrand will begin to launch new advertisements, digital marketing campaigns and social media content featuring Cole. Future promotions and sweepstakes will offer opportunities for fans to win unique giveaways and engage with Cole. Additionally, Cole will appear at future LifeBrand sponsored events.

“As a former professional athlete and businessman, I have successfully used social media to help build my own personal brand,” said Cole. “The power of social media is truly game changing and if utilized correctly can generate incredible growth opportunities.  When I first learned of LifeBrand, I immediately thought about how many people could benefit from it and I wanted to be part of circulating its brand amongst my community of family, friends and fans. If you’re on social media, you’ve probably posted something you’ve later regretted.  LifeBrand offers a quick solution and valuable tools to help anyone with an active social media account improve and protect their reputation. Go Git-Cha-Sum LifeBrand!” 

“Trent Cole fully embodies what it means to build a strong and positive personal brand through social media as he has done through his athletic career, his Blitz TV show, ProVantage Solutions and his other businesses,” said Thomas J Colaiezzi, Founder and CEO of LifeBrand.

Cole is a two-time Pro Bowler who played twelve seasons in the NFL, ten with the Philadelphia Eagles and two with the Indianapolis Colts. Born and raised in Ohio, Cole was brought up with farming and hunting as two of his favorite pastimes. He now shares these passions and his love of adventure and the outdoors as the host of Blitz TV. He and his family have put roots down in the Philadelphia area and are active members of their community. Cole’s favorite social media channels are Twitter and Instagram, follow him at and  

“Trent is a natural leader, driven entrepreneur, and family man with proven experience in harnessing social media to further strengthen his own brand and influence,” said Colaiezzi. “We are so excited to welcome Trent to the LifeBrand family and look forward to partnering together to further propel our brand and mission.” 

LifeBrand offers individuals a unique solution to help build and protect their personal brand using advanced AI-powered technology to quickly detect and delete potentially harmful posts. LifeBrand scans social media accounts to identify content that could be harmful to your personal reputation or corporate brand. Once detected, you can easily scrub or edit any damaging posts on your social media pages. Rely on LifeBrand for continued monitoring and a quality social media presence. To learn more about LifeBrand’s services and solutions please visit

About ProVantage Solutions

ProVantage Solutions is a premier agency delivering marketing, sponsorship, and management services to its clients. The agency was founded in 2020 by two former professional athletes, 12 year NFL Veteran and 3-time Pro Bowler Trent Cole Jr. and former Division one All-American and professional lacrosse player Michael Colleluori. After careers in successful sports franchises, the duo recognized a clear pattern. The client’s best interests were not the top priority for many of the currently existing agencies.  This became the catalyst for the partnership and ultimately the creation of ProVantage Solutions. ProVantage Solutions offers a full end-to-end suite of business services. Clients are advised and supported individually in an effort to understand their true vision and build a strategy for success. ProVantage Solutions works across various industry verticals and prides itself on exceeding all expectations building the trust of its clients.  Our philosophy is BUILD IT, MARKET IT, MANAGE IT. At ProVantage Solutions, we are one team that will assist you in achieving your goals. Learn more at 

About LifeBrand

LifeBrand believes in the value of a strong personal brand on social media. With a mission to be the world leader in Social Media Risk Mitigation Technology, LifeBrand has and will continue to develop the most advanced technology to detect and remove potentially harmful content from users’ social media pages with secure AI-powered solutions for both individuals and businesses. With their patent-pending FCRA and EEOC compliant technology, they have built a safer, more compliant way to perform social media risk mitigation to protect the privacy and rights of employees and employers, and also provide a secure way for individuals to scan and analyze their social media accounts from the point of inception with a simple click. Learn more at  

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